June Collection

June is a collection of flirty, skirty aprons...some of my personal favorites...that I'm sure you will love. So which one do I like best?  Zizi...the black and white striped apron with daisies on the skirt. It's just so feminine, so girly and it covers me nicely. I feel so pretty when wearing it. I think it's also my favorite because my daughter gave it me.  It's the one that came to be associated with me --  my signature style.

My other favorite is the Jilly, the red and white buffalo check.  Red is one of my favorite colors.

Which one is most functional? Elle...the Korean style kitchen apron. This one is longer than the others in the collection.  If I'm doing a really dusty job and want to make sure my clothing is protected, this is the one I reach for.  If I'm out in the garden and want to pick a bunch of peppers, the skirt is long enough and full enough to serve as a basket. It's pretty, practical, and functional.

The others in this collection are equally as nice. I like wearing them when I'm cooking, cleaning, or hanging clothes on the line. The pockets are handy for tucking away a tissue or grabbing a clothes pen.  I also enjoy the different colors. Sometimes, I'll choose one based on the color dress I'm wearing. Just like I choose a pair of earrings, I'll chose my apron. I've come to realize that an apron is my best accessory.