Farmhouse Collection

Sometimes, I’m a little bit country. I get a yin for an apron that's pretty and practical with a rustic feel. Maybe it’s got a full skirt and I can use it to collect the fruits of my garden. Maybe it’s a chef’s style…simple and sleek and it gets the job done. That’s why I created the farmhouse collection…to appeal to the different sides of me.

My favorite in the farmhouse collection is the Jess…Home Sweet Farmhouse. It just makes me think of being cozy and in the kitchen. That apron is my cape. Like Superwoman has her cape, Home Sweet Farmhouse is mine. My super powers are on display when I’m wearing it.

The most colorful in this collection is Khris…with the mushrooms, tomatoes, and herbs, it’s a delight to wear. I feel like cooking up something amazing when I slip it around my neck.

Which one is most functional? The Olivia apron. If I'm doing a really dusty job and want to make sure my clothing is protected, this is the one I reach for.  If I'm out in the garden and want to pick a bunch of peppers, the skirt is long enough to serve as a temporary basket. It's pretty, practical, and functional.

The others in this collection are equally as nice. I like wearing them when I'm cooking, cleaning, or hanging clothes on the line. The pockets are handy for tucking away a tissue, a recipe card, clothes pens, or a cell phone.  I've come to realize that an apron is my best accessory.